Queremos darle la bienvenida al mundo de conexiones a NUESTROS HEREDEROS. Esas personitas por quienes estamos dispuestos a dar la vida, los dueños de nuestros desvelos y nuestro esfuerzo. Los Niños. 

Gracias a mi pequeña Ariadna que cuando  me ve trabajando en mi computador me dice..." Porque no haces Conexiones Kids y hablas de lo que nos gusta?  
Nosotros tambien nos gusta leer.


Un encuentro con nuestros hijos, lo que les gusta y lo que nos gustaría para ellos.  

ConexionesKids is an original idea of Ariadna Polanco

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We would like to welcome to  Conexiones world our KIDS. These little persons that make us give our lives for them,

the ones who keep us awake and who deserve all our our efforts.. The Kids..!

Thank you to my little Ariadna that when she sees me working  on my computer tells me..." Why aren't you doing Conexiones Kids and talk about what we kids like? 

We like to read too!!!

So this is how this new segment called CONEXIONES KIDS was born. An encounter with our children, with what they like and what we would like for them.

Conexiones offers multiple opportunities for those interested in get connected with Diversity community in our area.

Become part of the “Conexiones” Project, one of a kind in the Maryland area and the only one reaching more than 20,000 Spanish speaking people close to you.